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Thomas Crapper made the first
toilet out of cedar because
it smelled nice and felt kinda warm.

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Well, that was longer than expected

Well slap my ass and call me Charlie. Is my face red!

Embarrassed, I am.

After making such a big deal about Pigdump turning 10 years old last year, then making another big deal about Pigdump heading off to work with the big shots at NBC for the Olympics, there's been nothing. Nada. Nyet. Rien.

I can make the same old excuses:

Pigdump was around before blogs existed
Now everyone has a blog or a tweet or a toot and there's too much noise
How boring is someone else's opinion?
I was kidnapped by bears.

I can even come up with new excuses:

Do you freakin' know how much time it takes to learn the fiddle?
The neighbours' kid kept me awake all year
I was in prison for violating my probation while partying with Paris
You heard about my move and my new job, right?

Okay, I won't make any more excuses. Nor will I make any promises. I'm just saying hello. And we'll see what happens when I move back to Hogtown and become agency girl again. Oh, and did you know my new Postal Code has P1G in it?

The game is afoot!

Or not.

Thanks and good luck.

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